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Warren, MI Attorneys, Lawyers and Law Firms

Directory of Warren, Michigan Attorneys, Lawyers, Law Firms, etc.
(49 attorneys currently listed)

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Standard Listings

Christopher Aiello
32411 Mound Road
Warren, MI 48092
(586) 296-1122
Mark Awada
23150 Schoenherr Road
Warren, MI 48089
(586) 778-9124
Mark Awada
23150 Schoenherr Road
Warren, MI 48089
(586) 759-2322
Robert Binkowski
31912 Mound Road
Warren, MI 48092
(586) 838-3900
William Branch
29065 Schoenherr Road
Warren, MI 48088
(586) 574-9400
Burdi Caren M
3200 East 12 Mile Road
Warren, MI 48092
(586) 582-9222
Gerald Celeskey
8292 East 12 Mile Road
Warren, MI 48093
(586) 574-9330
James Conrad
28225 Mound Road
Warren, MI 48092
(586) 751-7202
Patricia Cooper
6200 Chicago Road
Warren, MI 48092
(586) 795-4488
Harvey Dean
30500 Van Dyke Avenue
Warren, MI 48093
(586) 573-4455
Harvey Dean
32845 Coventry Place
Warren, MI 48093
(586) 979-0008
William Dobreff
31912 Mound Road
Warren, MI 48092
(586) 838-3880
Eve Equal Rights for Women
3280 East 13 Mile Road
Warren, MI 48092
(586) 558-3831
Andrea Fanning
8292 East 12 Mile Road
Warren, MI 48093
(586) 751-3348
Janet Fredrick-Wilson
30500 Van Dyke Avenue
Warren, MI 48093
(586) 751-4500
Steven Freers
31730 Hoover Road
Warren, MI 48093
(586) 795-4150
Frank Frontczak
8292 East 12 Mile Road
Warren, MI 48093
(586) 573-9200
Matecun PLLC Glenn
28351 Schoenherr Road
Warren, MI 48088
(586) 751-0779
Michael Greiner
29405 Hoover Road
Warren, MI 48093
(586) 693-2000
Hammel Law Firm
11662 Martin Road
Warren, MI 48093
(586) 755-9300
John Harrington
30500 Van Dyke Avenue
Warren, MI 48093
(586) 751-3610
Ronald Ionetz
11443 East 13 Mile Road
Warren, MI 48093
(586) 446-8100
Thomas Jakuc
28800 Van Dyke Avenue
Warren, MI 48093
(586) 573-2694
Frank Janiga
11427 Common Road
Warren, MI 48093
(586) 751-8050

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United States Attorney News

Woman charged in death of fiancé’s two-year-old daughter

Melinda Muniz has been arrested and charged with the death of Grace Ford, the two-year-old daughter of her fiance, who reportedly broke up with her.

Aside from being the fiancee of the victim's father, Muniz was also the caregiver of the little girl.

Muniz's arrest has generated widespread anger with hundreds expressing their disgust for the suspect online.

Robbie McClung, a Dallas criminal attorney who will be defending for Muniz, urged the public to wait for all the facts before judging Muniz.

The police have also stated that Muniz is not considered guilty until proven otherwise.

Former Human Rights Commission employee enters plea deal in child pornography

Larry Brinkin, who used to work for the Human Rights Commission of San Francisco, entered into a plea deal agreement on his child pornography charges.

The plea deal saw a second charge of child pornography distribution dropped against the 67-year-old Brinkin.

Under the plea deal, Brinkin will spend six months behind bars and another six months of house arrest. Afterwhich, he will undergo probation for four years.

Brinkin, who is a staunch supporter of the LGBT advocacy, will also be entered in the list of sexual offender and is ordered to go through therapy.

Randall Knox, an attorney in San Francisco, said that Brinkin has been deeply sorry for what he has done and has fully understood the damage that child pornography can inflict on victims.

$600,000 bail set for man who threatened Seattle mayor

Neither the prosecution nor the defense got what they wanted when the judge ordered Mitchell Munro Taylor to remain in jail and set the bail at $600,000.

Eric Lindell, the Seattle criminal lawyer defending for Taylor, had asked for a $10,000 bail saying that his client has not been taking his medicines for Asperger's Syndrome.

This was countered by the prosecution, who sought a $1 million bail.

Lindell was jailed when he posted several threatening messages on Seattle Mayor Ed Murray's Facebook page.

He also posted a threat which authorities believed targeted Kshama Sawant, the first socialist to have become a member of the City Council.

No bail for man who knocked down a 79YO black man

The bail application of Conrad Barret, who is charged with a hate crime, was denied, something that Barret's lawyer said they have been expecting.

Houston criminal attorney George Parnham said that according to the judge, his 27-year-old client might avoid a criminal conviction. He also poses as a danger to the public.

Barret was charged after he attacked an old, black man; filmed the act and showed it to someone, who turned out to be an arson investigator.

Barrett is looking at more than a 10-year prison term and a fine of more than $200,000 should he get convicted.

NFL player's non-cooperation sees theft charges dropped against woman who stole his jewelry

Theft charges against Subhanna Beyah were dropped after her victim, New York Giants' Shaun Rogers, refused to cooperate with the authorities.

Jonathan Meltz, Beyah's lawyer in Miami, could not be contacted to comment on the issue.

Miami prosecutors believed that Beyah did to Rogers what she did to two other men, wherein she drugged them before stealing their valuables.

According to the police, Rogers had met Beyah at the nightclub of the hotel where he was staying.

Together with another couple, they had gone up to his room where he went to sleep while the others were partying. Before he went to sleep, he put his jewelry inside a safe in the room. When he woke up, Beyah was already gone and so was his jewelry worth almost $500,000.

Rogers had told the prosecution that he was not willing to cooperate during the one time he spoke with them.

Despite the failure of the theft charges to prosper, the prosecution instead will go ahead with charging Beyah for violating her probation wherein she is looking at a 20-year prison sentence if convicted.