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Greenville, NC Attorneys, Lawyers and Law Firms

Directory of Greenville, North Carolina Attorneys, Lawyers, Law Firms, etc.
(115 attorneys currently listed)

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Standard Listings

Judson Blount III
119 West 4th Street
Greenville, NC 27858
(252) 758-8555
Brock & Scott PLLC
1706 East Arlington Boulevard Suite A
Greenville, NC 27858
(252) 756-2266
Angela Brown
123 West 3rd Street
Greenville, NC 27858
(252) 317-4000
Bart Brown III
3493 Evans Street
Greenville, NC 27834
(252) 752-0952
Robert Browning
200 East 4th Street
Greenville, NC 27858
(252) 758-6530
Brumbaugh Mu & King
123 West 3rd Street
Greenville, NC 27858
(252) 321-2391
Carroll Law Firm
102 College Court Drive
Greenville, NC 27858
(252) 752-8588
Frank Cassiano Jr
310 South Pitt Street
Greenville, NC 27834
(252) 752-1000
Mary Cavanagh
120 West Fire Tower Road
Greenville, NC 27834
(252) 215-4021
Charles M Williamson
315 Evans Street
Greenville, NC 27858
(252) 695-6313
Dallas PA Clark Jr
321 Evans Street Suite 103
Greenville, NC 27858
(252) 752-5883
Curtis Coleman III
916 Evans Street
Greenville, NC 27834
(252) 757-1500
Hugh Cox
321 Evans Street
Greenville, NC 27858
(252) 757-3977
John Crolle
120 West Fire Tower Road
Greenville, NC 27834
(252) 215-4003
Matthew Davenport
321 Evans Street
Greenville, NC 27858
(252) 830-4065
Darren Dawson
400 West 1st Street
Greenville, NC 27834
(252) 752-2485
Darren Dawson
400 West 1st Street
Greenville, NC 27834
(252) 752-6000
Sharron Edwards
2192 South Evans Street
Greenville, NC 27835
(252) 353-1200
Ellis A Charles
120 West Fire Tower Road
Greenville, NC 27834
(252) 215-4007
Evans E Bradley
120 West Fire Tower Road
Greenville, NC 27834
(252) 215-4025
Lynwood Evans
120 West Fire Tower Road
Greenville, NC 27834
(252) 215-4022
Paul Fanning
120 West Fire Tower Road
Greenville, NC 27834
(252) 215-4027
Fields J Michael
120 West Fire Tower Road
Greenville, NC 27834
(252) 215-4026
Steven Fisher
315 Evans Street Suite B
Greenville, NC 27858
(252) 757-3366

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United States Attorney News

No bail for man who knocked down a 79YO black man

The bail application of Conrad Barret, who is charged with a hate crime, was denied, something that Barret's lawyer said they have been expecting.

Houston criminal attorney George Parnham said that according to the judge, his 27-year-old client might avoid a criminal conviction. He also poses as a danger to the public.

Barret was charged after he attacked an old, black man; filmed the act and showed it to someone, who turned out to be an arson investigator.

Barrett is looking at more than a 10-year prison term and a fine of more than $200,000 should he get convicted.

Cop gets two months for shooting trainee during an exercise

William S. Kern, a Baltimore Police instructor, was handed a 60-day jail stay, for shooting Raymond Gray, a police recruit, while they were doing exercises.

Kern, who has been in service for 19 years, told the court during his trial that he had brought a live gun to the exercises and he had accidentally used it instead of the training weapon.

Gray was hit in the head and was blinded in one eye when Kern fired his gun through the window to show the recruits the danger of lingering near the door, the window or the hallway.

Kern said that he brought his gun to the training for the safety of the recruits because the facility where they were having their exercises is not secure.

Baltimore defense attorney Shaun F. Owens had argued for Kern's release saying that his client's eventual dismissal from the service would already be enough of a punishment.

Kern is on a 60-day suspension while the Baltimore Police conducts an investigation within its ranks.

Gray's family, who expressed dissatisfaction with the sentence, has also filed a civil lawsuit in relation to the incident and is being represented by Baltimore litigator A. Dwight Pettit.

16-year-old charged with hate crime, will be tried as an adult

Richard Thomas may only be 16 years old but he will be facing the charges filed against him as an adult.

Thomas is facing several charges including "hate crime" after he set another teenager, Luke "Sasha" Fleischman, 18, on fire.

Both were riding on a bus when the incident happened with Fleischman wearing a skirt.

Fleischman's parents said their son does not identify himself either as a male or female.

According to police, Thomas had told them he set Fleischman on fire because he is homophobic.

San Francisco defense attorney Michael Cardoza said his client, Thomas, if convicted would be facing a longer sentence because of the hate crime charge.

Man found guilty in beating death of infant

David Christopher Cruz was found guilty in the death of an infant, who is still five months shy of turning one years old.

The infant victim, the son of Cruz's girlfriend, was taken off life support a few days after he was brought into the hospital unconscious.

He suffered head injuries, several fractures and had bruises on his body.

Court heard that Cruz was the infant's baby sitter while the mother goes to work.

Cruz told the police that he had hit the baby because he keeps on fussing.

Michael Begovich, a criminal lawyer in San Diego defending for Cruz, said that the baby's mother also has a responsibility in her son's death because she had not consulted a doctor when the baby had an ear infection.

Former deputy gets five years for punching teenager

David Morrow, who used to be the deputy of the Adams County, has been handed a five-year prison sentence for punching a teenager who was strapped to a gurney.

Morrow said he was sorry that the teenager was hurt because of what he did.

The teenager was causing a disturbance to which Morrow and other police officers have responded.

The police decided to take the teenager to the hospital because he was intoxicated and was being belligerent.

However, while he was strapped to a gurney, Morrow had hit the teenager in the face with his fist.

The sentence may still change as the judge had agreed to schedule another hearing to re-assess Morrow's sentence.

Donald Sisson, a defense attorney in Denver, said the case was not a usual one and thus Morrow's sentence should be re-evaluated.