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Barnwell, SC Attorneys, Lawyers and Law Firms

Directory of Barnwell, South Carolina Attorneys, Lawyers, Law Firms, etc.
(24 attorneys currently listed)

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Standard Listings

Attorney Linda Farron Knapp
21 Hugh Street
Barnwell, SC 29812
(803) 541-7676
Walter Bedingfield
703 Red Oak Road
Barnwell, SC 29812
(803) 259-5758
Boiter M Eric
1750 Jackson Street
Barnwell, SC 29812
(803) 224-8728
Thomas Boulware
187 Burr Street
Barnwell, SC 29812
(803) 259-3230
Butler J David
1730 Jackson Street
Barnwell, SC 29812
(803) 541-7865
Daniel Haltiwanger
1730 Jackson Street
Barnwell, SC 29812
(803) 541-7863
Kirkland Law Firm
95 Allen Street
Barnwell, SC 29812
(803) 259-4455
Harvey & Kulmala
110 Main Street
Barnwell, SC 29812
(803) 259-5531
Miles Loadholt
388 Main Street
Barnwell, SC 29812
(803) 259-1984
Jane Matthews-Moody
10219 Dunbarton Boulevard
Barnwell, SC 29812
(803) 259-4140
Moore E Tim Jr
15000 Dunbarton Boulevard
Barnwell, SC 29812
(803) 259-7068
James Mosteller III
9725 Marlboro Avenue
Barnwell, SC 29812
(803) 259-4964
Richardson Patrick Westbrook & Brickman
1730 Jackson Street
Barnwell, SC 29812
(803) 541-7850
Terry Richardson Jr
1730 Jackson Street
Barnwell, SC 29812
(803) 541-7860
Terry Richardson Jr
449 Heathwood Street
Barnwell, SC 29812
(803) 259-5266
Richardson Patrick Westbrook & Brickman
1730 Jackson Street
Barnwell, SC 29812
(803) 259-9900
Smith H Edward
272 Cedar Hall Road
Barnwell, SC 29812
(803) 259-1949
Pat Smith
191 Washington Street
Barnwell, SC 29812
(803) 259-1313
Herman Edward Smith
Barnwell, SC 29812
(803) 259-3532
Moore Firm
319 Washington Street
Barnwell, SC 29812
(803) 259-2021
Thomas Weeks
108 Sweetwater Lane
Barnwell, SC 29812
(803) 259-5390
Thomas Weeks
1750 Jackson Street
Barnwell, SC 29812
(803) 224-8800
Daniel Williams
Po Box 616
Barnwell, SC 29812
(803) 259-2759
Kenneth Wilson
1730 Jackson Street
Barnwell, SC 29812
(803) 541-7867

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United States Attorney News

Jury convicts man of killing ex-girlfriend

Wade Bradford's defense did not convince the jury as they found him guilty in the shooting death of Natalie Allan.

Bradford and Allan had met when Allan worked in one of Bradford's massage parlors. While they were dating, Allan was also dating Kevin Myles, her massage client.

During the trial, the prosecutors told the court that Bradford had shot Allan when she broke up with him and she and Myles had gone to Bradford's place to get her things.

This was countered by Phoenix defense lawyer Jamie Jackson saying that Bradford did not know that he had shot Allan.

According to Jackson, the gun accidentally went off because Myles had suddenly lunged at Bradford.

The jury, however, did not buy this.

Aside from Allan's death, Bradford is also facing charges for the death of another of his former girlfriend, Eleanor Su.

NSA employee accused in adopted son's death

Brian Patrick O'Callaghan is facing murder charges after it has been alleged that he had beaten his adopted son which resulted to the 3-year-old's death.

O'Callaghan is a former marine and a war veteran who now works for the NSA.

The suspicion against O'Callaghan started when police were called to the hospital where the boy was confined.

The boy was suffering from brain hemorrhage and fractures in the skull, injuries consistent with beating.

O'Callaghan had told police investigators that his wife had gone out of town thus he had been caring for the boy.

While under his care, O'Callaghan said the child had hit his shoulder in the shower after falling backwards. The next day, when he went to check on the boy who was napping, he said he noticed mucus coming out of the boy's nose and when he picked him up, the boy started vomiting so he brought him to the hospital.

Steven McCool, a defense lawyer in Washington representing O'Callaghan, is insisting on his client's innocence.

He said the allegations have no basis and that O'Callaghan is disputing that the child suffered several injuries in the head.

Sexually abusing four differently-abled women nets man prison

William Walker was handed a minimum of 24 years and a maximum of 60 years in prison after admitting to rape charges.

Walker submitted a guilty plea to allegations that he raped four women who are disabled in a span of 12 days in 2012.

The judge said Walker is a danger to society and rehabilitating him may not help.

Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer Catherine Berryman said Walker was abused while growing up.

$600,000 bail set for man who threatened Seattle mayor

Neither the prosecution nor the defense got what they wanted when the judge ordered Mitchell Munro Taylor to remain in jail and set the bail at $600,000.

Eric Lindell, the Seattle criminal lawyer defending for Taylor, had asked for a $10,000 bail saying that his client has not been taking his medicines for Asperger's Syndrome.

This was countered by the prosecution, who sought a $1 million bail.

Lindell was jailed when he posted several threatening messages on Seattle Mayor Ed Murray's Facebook page.

He also posted a threat which authorities believed targeted Kshama Sawant, the first socialist to have become a member of the City Council.

Cop gets two months for shooting trainee during an exercise

William S. Kern, a Baltimore Police instructor, was handed a 60-day jail stay, for shooting Raymond Gray, a police recruit, while they were doing exercises.

Kern, who has been in service for 19 years, told the court during his trial that he had brought a live gun to the exercises and he had accidentally used it instead of the training weapon.

Gray was hit in the head and was blinded in one eye when Kern fired his gun through the window to show the recruits the danger of lingering near the door, the window or the hallway.

Kern said that he brought his gun to the training for the safety of the recruits because the facility where they were having their exercises is not secure.

Baltimore defense attorney Shaun F. Owens had argued for Kern's release saying that his client's eventual dismissal from the service would already be enough of a punishment.

Kern is on a 60-day suspension while the Baltimore Police conducts an investigation within its ranks.

Gray's family, who expressed dissatisfaction with the sentence, has also filed a civil lawsuit in relation to the incident and is being represented by Baltimore litigator A. Dwight Pettit.