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More and more people are using the Internet to search for service providers. When users search the Internet for terms such as “attorney” or “USA attorney” or “injury Attorneys in USA”, they are performing the online equivalent of picking up the Yellow Pages. In most cases they need a attorney immediately.
The goal of our online directory is to assist Internet users who are searching for a USA attorney by providing a website that allows them to review the alternatives and select the most suitable attorney for their requirements.

Attracting Visitors

We employ two main strategies to attract Internet traffic to our website, which ultimately results in traffic to the attorney websites listed in our directory.
1. Organic Search Results
Google, Yahoo, and MSN account for over 85% of all Internet searches. We employ various Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to achieve high rankings in these search engines.
Our high rankings for various searches, along with our descriptive heading: "USA Attorney Directory", are both very effective at attracting traffic to our directory.
Since the site was launched, our monthly traffic counts have been steadily increasing as we have risen to near the top of most search engines.
2. Paid Search Results
For generic keywords such as "attorney", it is very difficult to achieve rankings near the top of the Organic Search Results, since there are tens of thousands of competing sites all around the world, and search engines give preference to global directories and sites such as Wikipedia. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem.
Google Adwords are the small advertisements that appear to the right of Google's organic search results. Based on the user's IP address, Google is able to offer geographic targeting of these advertisements.
We take advantage of this capability by running Google Adwords in the USA region for a variety of generic attorney keywords including "lawyer", "attorney", "law firm", etc. We also run ads for a wide variety of keywords that have a high correlation to users searching for attorneys. We absorb the cost of these ads which are ultimately generating business for our sponsors.

Our Philosophy

We feel that most online attorney directories are too cluttered and confusing to use. Most of them do not offer direct website links and many have popup ads that detract from the user's online experience.
We strive to present our directory information in an uncluttered manner. Our sponsored links offer a 50 character text ad where each law firm can briefly describe their services. Instead of obtrusive popup ads and flashing banners, we additionally offer "InfoBox" advertisements Personal Injury Attorneys USA that can be viewed at the user's option. This is a form of opt-in marketing that puts users more in control of their online experience.
Additionally, unlike the sponsors of other major directories, we do not allow firms to advertise in a directory unless they have an office in (or near) the city associated with the directory. Note that our directories always have convenient links to our directories for nearby cities.

Email Links

If your email address is openly exposed on the Internet you probably get dozens of "junk" emails every day. Hackers harvest these email addresses to sell to spammers who bombard you with useless and annoying unsolicited email. In contrast, our email links do not expose your email address to the public. Instead, your email address is kept completely confidential behind our secure firewalls. Therefore, you get the best of both worlds; real prospective clients in USA can send you a confidential email but spammers cannot get access to your email address.


At We Think Solutions, we believe the results should speak for themselves. This is why we track and report statistics to show how many visitors come to and how many of these visits resulted in navigation to your site and emails being sent to you. We know our success is based on your success so we strive to drive quality leads to the law firms we service.

Your Value Proposition

Our attorneys directories will have over 100,000 unique visitors in 2024. A great percentage of these visitors will have an immediate need for a USA Attorney.
Your Sponsored Link in our directory will ensure that our visitors can learn about your Firm's offerings via your website, your text ad, and optionally, from an InfoBox advertisement. Additionally, users will be able to find you when they search by Category, and they will be able to quickly find you on our USA map or send you an email.
Every month, you are probably spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on Yellow Pages advertising. Many young people in need of their first attorney have never even heard of the Yellow Pages since they have always relied on the Internet as their source of information.
In most cases, if only one customer results from your advertisement in our USA Attorneys Directory, the listing will pay for itself.

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