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Rocky River, OH Attorneys, Lawyers and Law Firms

Directory of Rocky River, Ohio Attorneys, Lawyers, Law Firms, etc.
(38 attorneys currently listed)

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Standard Listings

Thomas Allen
3591 Wooster Road
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 356-1345
Melinda Annandale
20033 Detroit Road
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 331-0599
Mary Catherine Barrett
19109 Detroit Road
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 356-4604
Susan Batal
2600 Wooster Road
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 331-8850
Beebe Linda Garrett
19111 Detroit Road
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 331-0200
Keith Blaha
20220 Center Ridge Road
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 333-3386
Marian Brumbaugh
20525 Center Ridge Road
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 333-5991
Candrea Nicoleta
20088 Center Ridge Road
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 333-8080
Angela Carlin
2820 Gibson Drive
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 333-6048
Joseph Corso
19111 Detroit Road Suite 302
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 356-6380
Elmer Cowan
2639 Wooster Road
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 895-1811
James Deese
20325 Center Ridge Road
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 356-5056
Brendan Delay
1250 Linda Street
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 333-3708
Thomas Dorchak
2639 Wooster Road
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 333-0044
James Dunson Jr
21851 Center Ridge Road
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 331-3191
Howard Egert
19440 Frazier Drive
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 331-7611
Benjamin Farah
1154 Linda Street Suite 175
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 331-0801
Colette Gallagher
20942 Avalon Drive
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 333-1617
Pamela Gorski
19111 Detroit Road Suite 205
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 333-9800
Grady & Associates
20950 Center Ridge Road Suite 100
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 356-7255
Herthneck Richard E Co
20220 Center Ridge Road
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 331-4660
Christopher Johnson
1340 Depot Street
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 356-2376
Thomas Kilbane
22800 Lake Road
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 333-4027
Laubacher & Co
20525 Center Ridge Road Suite 626
Rocky River, OH 44116
(440) 356-5700

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United States Attorney News

NSA employee accused in adopted son's death

Brian Patrick O'Callaghan is facing murder charges after it has been alleged that he had beaten his adopted son which resulted to the 3-year-old's death.

O'Callaghan is a former marine and a war veteran who now works for the NSA.

The suspicion against O'Callaghan started when police were called to the hospital where the boy was confined.

The boy was suffering from brain hemorrhage and fractures in the skull, injuries consistent with beating.

O'Callaghan had told police investigators that his wife had gone out of town thus he had been caring for the boy.

While under his care, O'Callaghan said the child had hit his shoulder in the shower after falling backwards. The next day, when he went to check on the boy who was napping, he said he noticed mucus coming out of the boy's nose and when he picked him up, the boy started vomiting so he brought him to the hospital.

Steven McCool, a defense lawyer in Washington representing O'Callaghan, is insisting on his client's innocence.

He said the allegations have no basis and that O'Callaghan is disputing that the child suffered several injuries in the head.

Man cleared of theft charges

Kevin Keheley can breathe a sigh of relief after a jury exonerated him of theft.

Keheley was accused of defrauding a man after entering into a contract of developing an application for a smartphone, which he was never able to produce.

The contract was for $17,000 and Keheley was paid up front with $10,000.

Keheley then relocated to Austin but promised to finish the application. This, however, never happened.

Denver criminal lawyer Laurie Schmidt, who defended for Keheley, said that what happened was a business dispute.

Schmidt added that Keheley had no intention of running away from giving back the money that he received as evidenced by emails showing his intention to pay the money back.

Ex-cab driver agrees to plea deal in murder charges

A plea deal agreement has Broderick Kenyo Smith admitting to manslaughter instead of capital murder in the death of Arlando Maurice Pritchett in 2012.

The plea agreement will have Smith serving just a year in jail for a split sentence of 10 years.

His jail stay will be followed with probation for three years.

Should Smith violate his probation, he could be made to serve the rest of his 10-year sentence.

According to the police, Pritchett had an argument with a cab driver prior to his shooting while Smith admitted that he had been driving a cab during the time of the incident.

Birmingham defense attorney Charles Salvagio said Smith had shot Pritchett because the latter had robbed him.

Famous dealer of wine convicted for fraud

The jury returned a guilty verdict against Rudy Kurniawan, a star wine collector, for faking vintage wines, which he apparently just manufactured from his home.

Kurniawan was convicted for fraud and is looking at a massive 40-year sentence.

Kurniawan was once known as among the top five collectors of wine in the world.

Prosecutors accused Kurniawan of earning millions from selling and auctioning fake vintage wines.

Found in the home that Kurniawan shared with his mother were unlabeled bottles and labels of Burgundy and Bordeaux wines.

Suspicions against Kurniawan started during an auction in 2008 wherein he offered to sell Domaine Ponsot wines.

But it wasn't until a 2012 wine auction in London that Kurniawan was arrested.

Los Angeles criminal lawyer Jerome Mooney, defending for Kurniawan, said his client was not trying to defraud people. Instead, all he wanted was to belong.

16-year-old charged with hate crime, will be tried as an adult

Richard Thomas may only be 16 years old but he will be facing the charges filed against him as an adult.

Thomas is facing several charges including "hate crime" after he set another teenager, Luke "Sasha" Fleischman, 18, on fire.

Both were riding on a bus when the incident happened with Fleischman wearing a skirt.

Fleischman's parents said their son does not identify himself either as a male or female.

According to police, Thomas had told them he set Fleischman on fire because he is homophobic.

San Francisco defense attorney Michael Cardoza said his client, Thomas, if convicted would be facing a longer sentence because of the hate crime charge.