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Bay City, MI Attorneys, Lawyers and Law Firms

Directory of Bay City, Michigan Attorneys, Lawyers, Law Firms, etc.
(51 attorneys currently listed)

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Standard Listings

Marilyn Adamczyk
721 Washington Avenue
Bay City, MI 48708
(989) 894-6012
Attorney Sefcovic
703 Washington Avenue
Bay City, MI 48708
(810) 232-4300
Paul Beggs
301 Davidson Building
Bay City, MI 48708
(989) 792-3221
Laurie Berner-Krawczyk
512 North Lincoln Street
Bay City, MI 48708
(989) 893-0318
Brian K Elder
915 5th Street
Bay City, MI 48706
(989) 225-3951
Catherine S Reder
817 Washington Avenue
Bay City, MI 48708
(989) 894-6010
Center Lawyers
512 North Lincoln Street Suite 200
Bay City, MI 48708
(989) 893-3448
Edward Czuprynski
814 North Monroe Street
Bay City, MI 48708
(989) 894-1155
Gerald Dalek
301 South Euclid Avenue
Bay City, MI 48706
(989) 667-3700
Thomas Deprekel
723 Washington Avenue
Bay City, MI 48708
(989) 894-1085
Robert Dunn
512 North Lincoln Street
Bay City, MI 48708
(989) 894-1110
Arthur Fitzgerald
Po Box 308
Bay City, MI 48707
(989) 891-9733
Randall Frank
916 Washington Avenue
Bay City, MI 48708
(989) 893-2461
Frost J Edmund
213 Center Avenue Suite 503
Bay City, MI 48708
(989) 893-3111
Gorte & Day
918 North Water Street
Bay City, MI 48708
(989) 894-5670
Guy Greve
817 Washington Avenue
Bay City, MI 48708
(989) 893-9578
Robert Gruber
817 Washington Avenue
Bay City, MI 48708
(989) 895-5025
James Hammond
420 Chemical Bank
Bay City, MI 48706
(989) 892-2531
Daniel Himmelspach
916 Washington Avenue Suite 305
Bay City, MI 48708
(989) 790-0400
Daniel Himmelspach
916 Washington Avenue Suite 305
Bay City, MI 48708
(989) 892-0400
Stevens Jacobs
45 North Tuscola Road
Bay City, MI 48708
(989) 892-8611
Kennedy Gill
817 Washington Avenue
Bay City, MI 48708
(989) 894-9011
Kim A Higgs
406 7th Street Suite 201
Bay City, MI 48708
(989) 892-0114
Dawn Klida
3741 Wilder Road Suite C
Bay City, MI 48706
(989) 684-3313

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United States Attorney News

Former FOX 5 anchor exonerated of DUI charges

A jury has exonerated Amanda Davis, a retired anchor of FOX 5, from charges of driving under the influence and reckless driving.

Instead, she was held liable for not being able to maintain driving on one lane which resulted to an accident in 2012.

For her sentence, Davis will be serving the community for 20 hours.

She will also be made to pay $200 as fine.

Defending for Davis was Atlanta DUI lawyer William "Bubba" Head.

Sexually abusing four differently-abled women nets man prison

William Walker was handed a minimum of 24 years and a maximum of 60 years in prison after admitting to rape charges.

Walker submitted a guilty plea to allegations that he raped four women who are disabled in a span of 12 days in 2012.

The judge said Walker is a danger to society and rehabilitating him may not help.

Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer Catherine Berryman said Walker was abused while growing up.

16-year-old charged with hate crime, will be tried as an adult

Richard Thomas may only be 16 years old but he will be facing the charges filed against him as an adult.

Thomas is facing several charges including "hate crime" after he set another teenager, Luke "Sasha" Fleischman, 18, on fire.

Both were riding on a bus when the incident happened with Fleischman wearing a skirt.

Fleischman's parents said their son does not identify himself either as a male or female.

According to police, Thomas had told them he set Fleischman on fire because he is homophobic.

San Francisco defense attorney Michael Cardoza said his client, Thomas, if convicted would be facing a longer sentence because of the hate crime charge.

Man avoids manslaughter conviction

Donnell Deshawn Stean was cleared of manslaughter charges for the death of Bernard Howard Jr. whom he shot during an altercation.

The jury had found that Stean had only shot Howard in defense.

Howard was found to have more than the legal limit of alcohol in his blood while Stean had tested positive of an ingredient found in marijuana.

Howard was one of the people whom Stean found in his apartment when he went home on the night of Nov. 3. They were drinking and helping out a roommate of Stean's who was moving out.

The group got upset when Stean hit an older man who was also living in the apartment.

Howard had punched Stean, who retaliated by pulling out his gun.

Sacramento defense attorney Alan Whisenand said his client, Stean, had felt threatened by the group thus his actions.

Stean was also cleared of seriously wounding the female roommate's brother during the incident.

Jury clears King of Pop's concert promoter of negligence

A jury rejected a negligence lawsuit brought by Katherine Jackson, the mother of Michael Jackson, against AEG Live LLC, the This is It concerts promoter of the King of Pop.

Katherine Jackson's lawyers claimed that the promoter erred when it failed to verify if Dr. Conrad Murray was qualified when it hired him as the singer's doctor.

AEG denied the allegation but said that Murray was hired by Michael Jackson himself.

Murray is already serving a jail sentence for the death of the popstar.

Los Angeles lawyer Marvin S. Putnam, AEG's lead defense counsel, said the jury made the right decision.

The Jackson lawyers had pointed out that the promoter was only after its own profits thus it did not bother to make sure that Murray was a qualified physician.

Putnam and his defence team claimed Murray's hiring was the singer's choice and that if their client had known about what Murray and Jackson were up to they would not have gone on with the series of concerts.