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Winston-Salem, NC Attorneys, Lawyers and Law Firms

Directory of Winston-Salem, North Carolina Attorneys, Lawyers, Law Firms, etc.
(411 attorneys currently listed)

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Standard Listings

John Alemanni
1001 West 4th Street
Winston Salem, NC 27101
(336) 607-7311
Shonna Alexander
8 West 3rd Street
Winston Salem, NC 27101
(336) 722-4866
Reginald Alston
8 West 3rd Street
Winston Salem, NC 27101
(336) 724-1444
Amy Allred PLLC
1416 West First Street Suite B
Winston Salem, NC 27120
(336) 917-0037
Babb R Kenneth
1619 Thorncliffe Street
Winston Salem, NC 27104
(336) 723-5978
Babb R Kenneth
315 North Spruce Street
Winston Salem, NC 27101
(336) 723-2404
Richard Badgett
980 Kenleigh Circle
Winston Salem, NC 27106
(336) 723-4793
Richard PA Badgett
200 West 1st Street
Winston Salem, NC 27101
(336) 724-3821
David Bailey Jr
135 Pennsylvania Avenue
Winston Salem, NC 27104
(336) 768-3577
Bailey J Dennis
155 Sunnynoll Court
Winston Salem, NC 27106
(336) 714-1222
Wesley Bailey
158 Westhaven Circle
Winston Salem, NC 27104
(336) 768-0536
Crystal Baker
380 Knollwood Street
Winston Salem, NC 27103
(336) 774-3323
John Barber
155 Sunnynoll Court
Winston Salem, NC 27106
(336) 714-2562
Bedsworth & Behan PLLC
415 North Trade Street
Winston Salem, NC 27101
(336) 725-8709
Jeffrey Berg
200 Fair Oaks Lane
Winston Salem, NC 27127
(336) 775-1063
Stephen Berlin
1001 West 4th Street
Winston Salem, NC 27101
(336) 607-7304
Stephen Attorney Office Berlin
1001 West 4th Street
Winston Salem, NC 27101
(336) 725-2351
Celeste Beron
1261 North Peace Haven Road
Winston Salem, NC 27104
(336) 760-1823
David Blanco
360 Arbor Road
Winston Salem, NC 27104
(336) 721-1246
Boggs J Michael
1001 West 4th Street
Winston Salem, NC 27101
(336) 747-7536
Bolton Law Offices
4400 Silas Creek Parkway
Winston Salem, NC 27104
(336) 773-1337
Samuel Booth
156 Mayfield Road
Winston Salem, NC 27104
(336) 768-7468
Christopher Bosken
1001 West Fourth Street
Winston Salem, NC 27101
(336) 607-7366
Katherine Bosken
1001 West Fourth Street
Winston Salem, NC 27101
(336) 607-7468

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United States Attorney News

Los Angeles lawyers insist on client's release

Blair Berk and Leonard Levine, defense lawyers in Los Angeles, are arguing for the release of their client, Darren Sharper, who used to play in the National Football League.

Sharper has submitted a not guilty plea to sexually assaulting two women in Los Angeles.

However, Sharper remains on indefinite custody with no bail after prosecutors pointed out that he also has an arrest warrant issued by authorities in Louisiana.

Sharper's lawyers are insisting on his release because no case has been filed yet pertaining to the Louisiana arrest warrant.

Plea deal for drunk driver who crashed boat and killed a soon-to-be wed man

A plea deal had Richard Aquilone pleading to lesser charges and getting just a probation for the death of Jijo Puthuvamkunnath.

Puthuvamkunnath was to be married in a few weeks but he never got to tie the knot as he got killed when a drunk Aquilone rammed his boat with his yacht.

The impact was so great that Puthuvamkunnath's boat was split in two.

Aside from the probation, Aquilone will also be made to serve the community for 250 hours.

Marc Agnifilo, New York criminal attorney defending for Aquilone, said his client has expressed regret for the loss that he has caused the Puthuvamkunnaths.

No bail for man who knocked down a 79YO black man

The bail application of Conrad Barret, who is charged with a hate crime, was denied, something that Barret's lawyer said they have been expecting.

Houston criminal attorney George Parnham said that according to the judge, his 27-year-old client might avoid a criminal conviction. He also poses as a danger to the public.

Barret was charged after he attacked an old, black man; filmed the act and showed it to someone, who turned out to be an arson investigator.

Barrett is looking at more than a 10-year prison term and a fine of more than $200,000 should he get convicted.

Former deputy gets five years for punching teenager

David Morrow, who used to be the deputy of the Adams County, has been handed a five-year prison sentence for punching a teenager who was strapped to a gurney.

Morrow said he was sorry that the teenager was hurt because of what he did.

The teenager was causing a disturbance to which Morrow and other police officers have responded.

The police decided to take the teenager to the hospital because he was intoxicated and was being belligerent.

However, while he was strapped to a gurney, Morrow had hit the teenager in the face with his fist.

The sentence may still change as the judge had agreed to schedule another hearing to re-assess Morrow's sentence.

Donald Sisson, a defense attorney in Denver, said the case was not a usual one and thus Morrow's sentence should be re-evaluated.

Man avoids manslaughter conviction

Donnell Deshawn Stean was cleared of manslaughter charges for the death of Bernard Howard Jr. whom he shot during an altercation.

The jury had found that Stean had only shot Howard in defense.

Howard was found to have more than the legal limit of alcohol in his blood while Stean had tested positive of an ingredient found in marijuana.

Howard was one of the people whom Stean found in his apartment when he went home on the night of Nov. 3. They were drinking and helping out a roommate of Stean's who was moving out.

The group got upset when Stean hit an older man who was also living in the apartment.

Howard had punched Stean, who retaliated by pulling out his gun.

Sacramento defense attorney Alan Whisenand said his client, Stean, had felt threatened by the group thus his actions.

Stean was also cleared of seriously wounding the female roommate's brother during the incident.